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Meridian is a Story Artist, Character Designer and Director from central Indiana currently working in TV and feature animation out on Los Angeles.

She learned the art of storyboarding in the throws of 2020 mentoring with Women in Animation and then for some reason became a Story Intern at Pixar Animation Studios that following summer. Since then Meridian has worked on projects such as “WondLa” at Skydance Animation and spends her time teaching animation workshops and sharing the ups and downs of her career journey on her YouTube channel.

Some of Meridian's favorite things include going to the movies by herself, hosting shin digs at her apartment, debating the superiority of 2D animation and developing her own animated projects on the side.

"Meridian is amazing! Can't recommend her enough. She's talented, funny, driven, pitches great ideas and has very strong leadership qualities that will take her far. She takes direction well and delivers above and beyond what was asked and, more importantly, she isn't afraid to voice and stand up for her choices and ideas, always with an eye to improving story, building character and adding entertainment."

- Andrew Schmidt, Supervising Director

"I can come to Meridian with a problem and she always has a solution. I have assigned Meridian some very difficult and important scenes, as well as ones that are problematic or don't have script pages, and she aces and elevates them every time. She is a great team player; she speaks up in a room and is vocal about story suggestions, takes direction well, is supportive of her team members, works hard, and has good leadership skills. She holds her own with more experienced artists, while also bringing fresh ideas to the table. She is an extremely talented story artist with smart ideas"

- Rhea Dadoo, Episodic Director

"She has a strong sense of emotional character acting, drama, action, and cinematic camera. During times our sequences had writing holes, Meridian was never afraid to speak her mind and suggest fresh ideas to improve the episode's story. She thinks big picture and considers the series as an entirety rather than just one episode ... She is a fast paced and versatile artist who does not sacrifice quality, so I'd highly recommend her to help bring your project to life."

- Michelle Lam, Story Artist


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