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Storyboarding in Photoshop Masterclass (Recording - 4 Hours)

Storyboarding in Photoshop Masterclass (Recording - 4 Hours)


"I would've never thought to use PS in this way for boarding and it was so nice being able to see her boarding/ideation process! definitely worth the price tag!"


"so informative and so much fun, honestly lifechanging. My fellow story peeps, follow her and check out her website so you don't miss any of her class opportunities (and for cool art)!!

They've all been so affordable too, esp considering how generous she is with sharing her knowledge and experience!"


This 4 hour masterclass goes in depth about my work flow for storyboarding in Photoshop for TV and Feature Animation. We will spend the first 2 hours going over how to set up your virtual workspace to maximize efficiency, break for 15 minutes, and then the last 2 hours I will be doing a boarding demonstration talking about drawing techniques and answering student questions.

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